we produce the luxor way
with partners whose hearts
beat, just as ours do

Our idea of a true partnership

In our daily cooperation with suppliers, employees and customers, one thing is most important for us: Everyone should profit.

The company motto of Luxor – “the sunshine people” – shows how we value a good partnership: We are friendly and frank, and value an honest and fair communication. We do not only support our customers, we also understand them. Because we speak the same language, and we are excited about the same things. This passion can always be felt at Luxor. Our cooperation is marked by enjoying what we do and creating something together. For us, a partnership is something in which all members grow. And they do this with pleasure and over the long run.

Quality decides the partnership

We select our partner productions following clearly defined criteria. And for us motivation is just as important as know-how in photovoltaics.

It is not only important to us where a solar module is produced, but who produces it. We from Luxor. With the special quality demands of German engineers, we currently produce at two sites in Europe and three sites in China. 25 Luxor employees, among whom are 5 engineers, ensure a 100% quality control onsite. We select our licensed partner productions carefully – cutting edge production equipment and constant technical progress are the basis for a long-term and trusting cooperation. With our own representation in Shanghai we are close enough to the action, and can check the production processes even more carefully, guarantee the final quality control reliably, and monitor the running comparison measurements at the TÜV Shanghai. This is the best guarantee that our solar modules will convince everyone through consistently high quality.


Luxor Solar honoured as "Top Brand PV" for solar modules.

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