We want to handle energy
responsibly. That’s why we
sometimes like to say “No”.

Looking ahead. Acting consciously

As a company in the area of regenerative energies, we want to protect the resources. Both in the natural environment and in the business environment.

At Luxor we like to stress sustainability and commitment beyond what is customary in our sector. Sustainability for us includes all levels: local, regional, national und international. We are committed to the environment. Both in our daily work and in our long-term corporate strategy. As far as possible, our products are transported from Hamburg by rail, and not by road. We produce CO2 neutral printouts. And when flying to our Chinese production sites, we pay a voluntary CO2 fee to compensate for the emissions produced. Sustainability is also a concern for us in the handling of our products. Of course, we accept the solar modules that are returned to us at the end of their lifetime, and recycle them.


Social sustainability as responsibility

We promote a sustainable society worth living in. Both here in Germany and in the countries where we produce.

Luxor cultivates a co-operative leadership style with its employees – and we assume responsibility in our dealings with our partner productions in Europe, China and India. The working conditions in manufacturing, and environmental protection are important selection criteria for us. They have a decisive influence on our decision for or against a supplier. We try to keep the environmental pollution as low as possible. We try to observe the 8-hour shifts, instead of the customary 12. All our workers receive thorough training, and we only employ regular staff, no migrant workers. A true partnership is more important to us than a quick profit maximisation.



Luxor Solar honoured as "Top Brand PV" for solar modules.

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