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Data Sheets

All of the datasheets are examples of the Luxor product line. Please contact your Luxor sales partner to get more informations or further datasheets with another powerclases.

Eco Smart Line 

LX-260-280W Poly/156-60+ TIGO EN
LX-260-280W Poly/156-60+ SOLAREDGE EN
LX-275-295W Mono/156-60+ Black SOLAREDGE EN
LX-280-300W Mono/156-60+ Black SOLAREDGE EN
Eco Line
LX-200-220W Poly/ 156-48+ EN
LX-250-265W Poly/ 156-60+ EN
LX-270-290W Poly/ 156-60+ EN
LX-300-320W Poly/ 156-72+ EN
LX-320-340W Poly/ 156-72+  EN
LX-275-295W Mono/ 156-60+ EN
LX-300-320W Mono/ 156-60+ EN
LX-340-360W Mono/ 156-72+ EN
LX-200-220W Mono/ 125-72+ EN
LX-325-340W Mono/ 156-72+ EN
Eco Line Full Black

LX-275-295W Mono/ 156-60+ EN
LX-290-310W Mono/ 156-60+ EN
LX-190-210W Mono/ 125-72+ EN
Solo Line
LX-10-160W Mono/Poly/ 125-36+ EN
Secure Line Transparent
LX-275-300W Mono/ 156-60+ GG Frameless EN
LX-280-300W Mono/ 156-60+ GG EN
LX-250-270W Poly/ 156-60+ GG EN
LX-260-280W Poly/ 156-60+ GG EN
Secure Line Black Edition
LX-270-290W Mono/ 156-60+ GG EN

Brochures and Flyers

Image broshure 6pager
Product brochure Secure Line EN
Arguments for Luxor

Guarantees and T&C

Guarantee Declaration Eco Line
Guarantee Decleration Secure Line EN
Terms and Conditions EN


OHSAS 18001:2007 EN
DIN ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004
Country specific listings and certifications EN
Quality Certificate
Declaration of Conformity


Installation Manuals

Installation manual Eco Line /Secure Line
Installation manual Solo Line


Module Claim Questionnaire

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