The compact and
sturdy island-module
Solo Line M36

Mono- and polycrystalline module family

The Luxor island-module are the best guarantee for highest independence. Selecting Luxor stand-alone modules provides solutions even for the most demanding requirements.

Stand-alone photovoltaic systems can be installed wherever supply of electricity from a power grid is unavailable, uneconomic or not desirable. In situations such as these, Luxor offers specially developed, tried and tested, high-quality, efficient solar module solutions. Solo Line Island PV modules are suitable for all kinds of power generation in the leisure sector or for professional applications such as holiday, garden or residential homes, mobile systems in caravans or boats, solar pumps for drinking water supply and irrigation, and in traffic systems such as parking ticket machines, traffic control systems or even street lamps, measurement systems or telecommunication systems, etc. The compact and sturdy stand-alone PV module is the practical solution and ideal for applications with no connection to the power grid. 


Luxor Solar honoured as "Top Brand PV" for solar modules.

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